Sammah (thepaisleydiary) wrote in discoacademy,

Pre-Show Ritual

Title: Pre-Show Ritual
Author: writerofictions (Sammah)
Rating: NC-17esque
Pairing: William Beckett/Mike Carden
POV: 3rd person
Summary: Everyone has their own personal pre-show ritual...
Disclaimer: I disclaim! I don't know them. This, to my knowledge, enver happened. Werd.
Author Notes: My first TAI related fic. I'm half asleep right now, so it's not the greatest in the world, but it was fun at the time!

Also, this is for Andi (chromasunrise). She is the shit.

We do it in the dark, with smiles on our faces...
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Fucking love it.

Thanks! I'm way nervous, since it's my first one LOL
It's pretty damn good, don't be nervous.

and yay at first comment *boogies*

I love being a mod, I get to read all the storehs first.
Awesome! XD I should post some of my Panic! stuff here.
Most definitely
this makes me really sad because it keeps telling me I'm forbidden to look at it... :[