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A midsummer nights dream (and other fairies) {2/?}

Title:A Midsummer Nights Dream (and other fairies)

Author:Joanna [drowingxalive]

Rating:PG-13 (subject to change)

Pairing:William Beckett//Jack Marin

POV:1st person – switches. (Thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Jack, I refuse to cook fish with you. I don’t want my costume reeking of fish, it took me forever to find black and pink wings

Disclaimer:Like Spongebob, only realer.

Author note:FAKE and VERY VERY AU. The Academy is… exists in this but CIWWAF doesn’t. Jack is supposed to be a couple years younger than Will aswell. Concrit gives me smiles. <3<3<3 my beta, baby bop [mcsismylover]

Chapter 1

This guy was dead meat. Or so I thought.

The moment I looked up, all homicidal thoughts melted like snow that someone tried to set fire to. (Yeah my pyro buddy Shaant is never put off by little things like the weather.)

Perferctly messy brown hair, eyes I could melt in, and some fucking amazing tight jeans. I could swear I’ve seen this guy before.

“Hi, you’re my dream guy, please love me.” Hopefully I’m smoother out loud than in my head.

The incredibly beautiful man started to mumble an apology as I began to stutter an introduction. As I caught his incredible eyes in my glance, I realised why he looked so goddamn familiar. But it couldn’t be. There was no way in hell the man that plagued my every waking thought with his stunning hipbones and angelic voice, could be standing right opposite me after accidentally covering my new jacket with orange juice. I was slowly breaking down as it dawned and me that it really was him.

“Hey, I’m William.” He stuck out his hand, and I could only stare.

“Jack! At least we’ve got one of the fairies here. I’m afraid Brendon, Gerard and Billie couldn’t make it, so it’ll just be you. This is my nephew William, he’s offered to help us out a bit with the fairy song.”

Miss Holland, I’m voting for you to be God in the next election. I had no idea my drama teacher was related to William fucking Beckett.

“Uhhh….cool” I stammer. See how coherent YOU can be faced with an angel like that.

“Go get your costume on, we need to run through the technical cues once everyone’s dressed”.

Thanking Jesus, Mary and the other dude for giving me a reason to leave, I run to the guys toilets to transform myself into the wannabe pun/goth fairy that seemed like a much better costume idea when I first picked it out.

A miniscule band tee, new rocks and beautiful pair of ripped up tight jeans later, and I’d become the new poster boy for hot topic. All I needed was the eyeliner, but once again the mirrors were all completely trashed. Thank fuck the entire cast knows I’m as gay as the day is long, and won’t mind me running into the girls toilets to complete my look.

I burst in to see a petite redhead in the shortest skirt my eyes ever did see swearing at the mirror, completely engrossed with glitter eyeliner she was adding to perfect her beautiful costume.

“JACK!!!!!!!” Holy shit, that girl can glomp.

“Hayleycakes, as much as I normally enjoy you trying to kill me with a hug first thing in the morning, we have bigger fish to fry.”

“Jack, I refuse to cook fish with you. I don’t want my costume reeking of fish, it took me forever to find black and pink wings.”

“HAYLEY! I don’t care about your wings. Now shh and listen. He is here.”

“He? Be a bit more specific.”

“William Fucking Beckett, THAT he.”

The he that plagues my every waking moment and my every dream. The he that can leave me breathless with just a picture on myspace. The only he that I’d ever forgive for ruining my jacket. I avoided mentioning this to Hayley, I’m pretty sure she’s heard it from me before. Plus I don’t think she could hear anything right now, her glitter eyeliner seems to have dropped to the floor and I’m not completely sure she’s breathing.


Ok, so she still has the power of speech.

“No lie. He’s here. He’s related to Miss fucking Holland, and here to help out titania’s fairies with their song. Since I’m the only one here, I will quite possibly in a room alone with him. Therefore, I need to borrow some eyeliner now, because this is quite possibly my only chance at happiness.”

“Bitch, he’s straight and you know it. Therefore I need the eyeliner more.”

*5 minutes and a small about of bitchslapping later*

“Fine. Take the eyeliner. But if you marry him, and I don’t get to be your maid of honour, there WILL be hell to pay.”

“Excellent. Now help me out with these wings, they won’t stay up straight.”

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