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Sick of all the roleplays that have a billion and one rules that they probably don't need? Sick of the mods not caring about, well, anything?

dramatisation is the place for you. We're a celebrity roleplay, allowing slash and het (so obviously male and female characters!) without the hassle of a billion and one rules and a form a mile long.

At dramatisation, we can assure you that stupid petty drama is not tolerated. We are very strict with our ooc/ic rule, and you should never feel the need to leave because of that being broken. We're mods that care and honestly just want to roleplay and have fun. This isn't a "job" to us, like it is to some mods, since we're here to pretty much be invisible, accept people and make sure they update!

We're not enforcing any stupid rules or limits.

The Rules
The Taken/Held List
Apple Here

Any questions can be posted here or IMed to me at rockthe rosevest. :)


I'm sorry if you see this a couple times on your friend's page!

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